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BPM REIA Webinar | The Method. The Deal. The Legacy.

Take your real estate investing to another level by implementing this unique financial strategy! We’re not here to change your real estate strategy – we’re here to show you how by changing the flow of your money, you can create … Read More

Whole Life & Index Universal Life

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is a financial strategy that involves using Whole Life Insurance policies as a means to build wealth, create a tax-advantaged savings vehicle, and provide a source of financing for various personal and business needs. In … Read More

College Savings 529 Plans vs Whole Life Insurance

Planning for a child’s or your own college education can often seem overwhelming, with numerous options and decisions to make. Navigating the complexities of financing this significant investment in one’s future demands careful consideration and strategic planning. While the conventional … Read More

Christian Biz Owners On Fire Podcast with Christina M Weber, MS

With several recent Silicon Valley bank failures and government rescues, how do you know that your wealth is protected? We are heading into unprecedented financial times. Learn how to think out of the box to profit from the change rather … Read More

Be Your Own Bank! A Boston REIA Special Webinar

With the recent banking collapses and bank runs, the world has been moving forward – eyes wide open – as to what will happen next. Join Economist Dr. Paul Mueller & Wealth Strategist Jason K. Powers as they discuss what … Read More

What is going on with the banks, and should I be concerned? An ICOR Special Webinar

In this timely webinar hosted by ICOR, Jason K. Powers, Olivia McGraw, and special guest, Dr. Paul Mueller speak to the current situation with the Silicon Valley Bank – and how this mess happened without any rules being … Read More

Infinite Lending – Infinite Banking

If you are a Private or Hard Money Lender this webinar is for you!

Your money works hard being loaned out, and you expect a safe return on your investments, but what is your money doing while it’s not out?

Read More

Change Your Financial Trajectory

In the book, “How Privatized Banking Really Works” (Lara & Murphy), “It is possible to salvage your household’s financial situation, despite the shackles put in place by powerful forces. But you don’t stand a chance if you allow these same … Read More

Banking and Real Estate Investing

Banking and Real Estate Investing have several crossovers. Banking is arguably the most important business in the world. Without it, everything comes full stop. Money moves every day from our bank accounts to other bank accounts – from those bank … Read More

Photographers! Build Your Future, Fund Your Gear, Retire Ready

Photographers are supposed to think outside the box, when it comes to creativity. Why can’t we think creatively when it comes to financing our equipment or saving for retirement?

In this 1 hour webinar, I want to show you how … Read More

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