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The Infinite Banking Concept

Change the way you think about your finances, and it will change your LIFE!

Jason Powers is an Infinite Banking Concept Authorized Practitioner

The Infinite Banking Concept

Controlling the banking function in your life.

Discover the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) — a revolutionary system designed to liberate you from traditional banking constraints. Imagine a financial strategy that offers endless possibilities to manage and grow your wealth independently, putting you in the driver's seat of your financial journey. The Infinite Banking Concept is the best place to warehouse your wealth that has guarantees and safety, while providing ready access to your money allowing you to take over the banking function in your life.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

What happens to your family financially if something happens to you?

Life will never be free from uncertainty, but when uncertainty is minimized, life can be maximized. No matter what stage of life one is in, if someone depends on them financially, they should consider reducing a loved one's uncertainty by protecting them with life insurance.

Life Insurance is also the foundation of every solid financial strategy. It helps protect your life and the lives of those you care about most.

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Jason Powers is a real estate investor who trains other investors to integrate Infinite Banking into their processes.

Jason K Powers

Wealth Strategist & Authorized Infinite Banking Concept Practitioner

Jason K Powers is a Multi-Business Owner, Real Estate Investor & Wealth Strategist with an eclectic and exciting background ranging from real estate investing to international non-profit work to wealth planning.

Jason is also an Authorized IBC Practitioner certified by the Nelson Nash Institute, possessing a solid foundational knowledge in the theory and implementation of the Infinite Banking Concept as well as an understanding of Austrian economics and its unique insights into our monetary and banking institutions.

After learning about the Infinite Banking Concept and seeing what it could do in his own life and businesses, Jason dove head-first into helping others around the country set up their own Privatized Family Banking Systems, change their mindset about money, and experience something life-changing.

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~ Let no man seek the good of his own, but that of his neighbor. 1 Corinthians 10:24 ~

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