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Life Insurance

Life Insurance protects the people you care about the most. It can also build cash value, and even provide an accelerated death benefit you can use while you are living. Life insurance is a basis for every solid financial plan.

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Disability Income

Individual disability insurance is income continuation, or replacement income. If an individual is injured or become ill, their disability benefit will replace a percentage of their income while they’re unable to work.

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An annuity is a contract between you and your insurance company. It can provide immediate income, or it can grow until you need income at a later time. Annuities are designed to turn the dollars you invest into an income stream you cannot outlive.

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Estate Planning / Trusts

Jason believes Trust and Estate Planning is paramount to your financial plans and legacy.  Partnering with two major law firms, which provide nation-wide coverage, these partners will help you build, protect and leave a lasting legacy the right way.

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Tax Planning

One Stop Tax Strategists help individuals and businesses owners save more on taxes by creating customized tax strategies, allowing them to put more in their pocket than they do on taxes.

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Bookkeeping / Accounting

For all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs, Jason has partnered with Corporate Capital, to bring you high quality, highly knowledgeable service in all 50 States.

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Dental, Vision and Hearing

Ameritas PrimeStar® insurance plans feature next-day coverage and no enrollment fees. Some plans include additional benefits such as LASIK, orthodontia, or hearing care.

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Health Insurance Replacement

Paying for healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated. As an alternative to Health Insurance, Sedera’s cost-sharing solution provides affordability, choice, transparency, and support to pay for your healthcare expenses.

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Business Capital

Get the capital you need! They specialize in helping you access business lines of credit and low interest credit cards, to help accelerate your business growth. 

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Business Valuation

At the heart of any buy/sell or business succession plan is a professionally and independently determined calculation of value. That’s why Jason partners with Marshall & Stevens, powered by Ameritas, to bring you the best valuation planning there is. 

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Buy-Sell Review

A buy-sell agreement is the will for a business used to determine what will happen when the business continues to the next generation. Let Jason and his team at Ameritas help you review yours or help you think through what is needed to start one. 

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