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Life Insurance

Jason Powers is an Infinite Banking Concept Authorized Practitioner

Life Insurance

What happens to your family financially if something happens to you?

Life will never be free from uncertainty. But when uncertainty is minimized, life can be maximized. No matter what stage of life you are in, if someone depends on you financially, you should consider reducing their uncertainty by protecting them with life insurance. In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can:

  • Help pay the bills and meet ongoing living expenses
  • Pay off outstanding debt, including credit cards and your mortgage
  • Finance large, future expenses
  • Help pay for college
  • Protect a spouse’s retirement plans
  • Attract and retain key employees

Life Insurance is designed to protect what matters most.

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Instant Term

Provide Protection and More

Life Insurance products include whole life and term life. Each product type has its own advantages and disadvantages. They protect the people you care about the most. However, they can also build cash value, earn dividends or provide an accelerated death benefit you can use while you are living. Life insurance can become the basis for a solid financial plan.

So if you’re serious about protecting your future, contact Jason today.

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