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Jason K. Powers is a seasoned entrepreneur and real estate investor who has built a diverse portfolio of businesses over the years. After the 2008 financial crisis, Jason launched a real estate investment business, focusing on assisting homeowners in distress. Initially specializing in wholesaling, he soon expanded his expertise to include fix-and-flip projects and buy-and-hold investments. This ultimately led him to acquire and redevelop a once sprawling 170+ acre RV camping and recreation area, featuring camping, fishing, and swimming amenities. Jason transformed the property, selling it to new owners and provided seller financing, allowing him to now act as ‘the bank.’

Drawing on his extensive experience in real estate investment, Jason has become an expert at incorporating the Infinite Banking Concept into his investment strategies. This process of starting from Wholesaling to being the bank, is what Jason loves to teach his clients. As a result, he has coached hundreds of fellow investors on how to finance their own deals, gradually becoming their own bank, and establishing a lasting financial legacy for generations to come.

Do you run a REIA? Jason works with REI groups around the country, speaking and teaching via webinars, in-person workshops, podcasts, articles and more. Contact Jason today to have him speak to your REIA!

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