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Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investor Association May 2024 Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 7:00pm ET

Finance Your Own Deals with Infinite Banking and Unlock the Secret to Financing Your Real Estate Deals!

Have you heard of Infinite Banking? If not you do not want to miss this weekday webinar. We are thrilled to have Jason K Powers with Unbridled Wealth teach us about Infinite Banking “Financing Your Own Deals with Infinite Banking”  & Unlock the Secret to Financing Your Real Estate Deals! 

Ever wondered how top-tier real estate investors stay ahead of the game? Here’s your chance to gain insight into a transformative strategy! Join Wealth Strategists and IBC Practitioners, Jason K Powers. Dive into the potent world of the Infinite Banking Concept and learn the strategy the wealthy use – and now you can too! This isn’t just another seminar; it’s the key to revolutionizing your investment approach. Elevate your game. Register below now for an evening that promises to redefine the way you see real estate finance!

Change the way you think about your finances, and it will change your LIFE!

Jason K Powers is a Multi-Business Owner, Real Estate Investor & Wealth Strategist with an eclectic and exciting background ranging from real estate investing to international non-profit work to wealth planning.  After learning about the Infinite Banking Concept and seeing what it could do for him, Jason dove head-first into helping others around the country set up their own Private Family Banking Systems, change their mindset about money, and experience something life-changing.

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Published April 16, 2024

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