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2023 National Real Estate Investors Association (NREIA) Alaska Cruise

Jason is excited & honored for the opportunity to speak during this years SOLD OUT NREIA Alaska Cruise!

Infinite Banking, Real Estate & Intergenerational Wealth

Among many other speakers on the Cruise, Jason will be focusing on the basics … Read More

Coastal Florida REIA August Event

Financing Your Own Deals with Infinite Banking

~Creating financial strategies to last for generations~

Thanks for attending the Monthly Coastal Florida REIA event featuring Wealth Strategist Mike Fernicola and Authorized IBC Practitioner & Wealth Strategist Jason K Powers, on Thursday, … Read More

ICOR’s Market Movers Happy Hour

ICOR’s Market Movers Happy Hour – Denver, CO

Thriving investors will point the way to success — especially in 2023

We stand at the threshold of a new era of investing. 
Join ICOR to get new insights on today’s market
Read More

Making A Difference Economically (M.A.D.E.)

M.A.D.E. Workshop – Pottstown, PA

Join us for a Game-Changing Event: Infinite Banking with Whole Life Insurance!

Hey friends! Have you heard of Infinite Banking? It’s an incredible financial strategy using whole life insurance that could transform your future.

Guess … Read More

Becoming Your Own Banker. Part I, Lesson 1.

Written by R. Nelson Nash / Originally published on infinitebanking.org / Used with permission

Perhaps it was that eminent author, “Anonymous,” that made the observation, “If you take all the money in the world and divide it equally among all … Read More

The Long-Range Lens: A Dual-Strategy Approach for Real Estate Investors and the Infinite Banking Concept

In the realms of real estate investment and financial planning, successful practitioners have one common trait: a long-term perspective. This article aims to explore the intersection of long-range thinking in rental property investment and the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), illuminating … Read More

Privatized Banking: We All Need It

Written by L. Carlos Lara / Originally published on infinitebanking.org / Used with permission

Picture yourself having just recently returned from one of the most exciting vacations you have ever had. But you are home now and you begin reliving … Read More

Deciphering the Buzz Around Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

In this constantly evolving financial landscape, the buzz around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology seems to be growing louder by the day. This brief article aims to shed light on these topics and their potential implications on our financial systems.

Cryptocurrencies, … Read More

BPM REIA Webinar | The Method. The Deal. The Legacy.

Take your real estate investing to another level by implementing this unique financial strategy! We’re not here to change your real estate strategy – we’re here to show you how by changing the flow of your money, you can create … Read More

Whole Life & Index Universal Life

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is a financial strategy that involves using Whole Life Insurance policies as a means to build wealth, create a tax-advantaged savings vehicle, and provide a source of financing for various personal and business needs. In … Read More

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