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Through carefully crafted strategies and a customized approach, Jason K Powers works with his clients to help them fulfill their financial dreams, take control of their financial world, and leave a legacy which can last for generations to come.

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The Infinite Banking Concept

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is a transformative financial strategy tailored for producers, actors, musicians and professionals within the music, film & entertainment industry, to build up their own privatized family banking system. The idea behind this concept is to replace the bank over time, and have the ability to be your own bank throughout life. The vehicle through which the Infinite Banking Concept is utilized in is properly structured, dividend paying, whole life insurance policy.

What distinguishes this from most other financial vehicles is its liquidity and the magic of uninterrupted compounding growth. Essentially, uninterrupted compounding growth ensures that the cash value of the policy continues to grow even when borrow against it.

Unlike conventional loans where borrowing interrupts the growth of your investment, with IBC, the compounding effect remains undisturbed. This means that while you may have borrowed against the policy, the entire cash value keeps growing as if no loan was taken. This offers individuals a dynamic financial cushion, ensuring their money consistently multiplies, even while they’re using it. The power of compound interest can result in substantial financial gains over time, giving actors and musicians an edge in their financial planning and stability.

By leveraging a specially-designed whole life insurance policy, it offers the potential to manage and amplify ones wealth in a tax-advantaged, liquid, and accessible environment, akin to a personal bank.

IBC can be a lifeline for those in the entertainment industry, especially during lean periods. Whether you’re funding an album, a tour, or navigating gaps between acting jobs, the cash flow, liquidity, and accessibility provided by IBC can be indispensable. With IBC, instead of relying on unpredictable income streams or external lenders, one can utilize policy loans from their whole life policy. This ensures a consistent and flexible funding source without the red tape of traditional banking systems.

Furthermore, the Infinite Banking Concept offers a tax-savvy environment for financial growth. The growth of the cash value is income tax free, and any loans taken against it aren’t viewed as taxable income. Additionally, the death benefit is typically tax-free for recipients.

The Infinite Banking Concept can seamlessly integrate into a ones broader financial and career strategy. By harnessing its liquidity, autonomy, and tax benefits, one can augment their ability to finance and control their artistic endeavors. Furthermore, in utilizing IBC to be their own bank, one can leverage the desired privacy of their finances, and avoid the barrage of uncomfortable situations when having to utilize outside banks, due to a persons fame or fortune.

Beyond the immediate financial benefits and liquidity, the Infinite Banking Concept also presents a valuable resource for those in the entertainment industry in the twilight of their careers. As the frenzy of fame and the pace of tours wind down, IBC’s accumulated cash value can serve as a robust supplement to retirement. The wealth that has been growing and compounding throughout their life, can then be tapped into during retirement, ensuring a comfortable and sustained lifestyle. This means that not only does IBC support them in their prime, offering the freedom to chase dreams without financial constraints, but it also promises peace of mind as they transition into a quieter phase of life, surrounded by the fruits of their labor and artistry. This holistic approach to financial planning positions IBC as an enduring companion for those in the industry, from their first notes and first act to their final bow.

However, to maximize the benefits of IBC, it’s imperative to collaborate with an experienced & Authorized IBC Practitioner. Partnering with Jason K Powers is your gateway to this! When correctly applied, the Infinite Banking Concept can become an instrumental component of a your financial and creative blueprint.

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While the Infinite Banking Concept is the cornerstone of what Jason does, a fully customized approach of services are offered depending on the individual or family’s needs.

  • Financial education
  • Budget strategy & planning
  • Life insurance
  • Annuities
  • Infinite Banking strategy planning
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting partnerships
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  • Estate planning, Trust and Asset protection partnerships

A Note From Jason

As someone deeply facinated by the stories that come alive in Music and Film, I am always drawn to the hard work and imagination that fuel these forms of art and the people who make them. Growing up, my father imparted a simple yet profound lesson that has stayed with me: “Famous people are normal human beings with exceptional talents, so even though they may have been placed on a pedastal, like any other human being, they should be treated with equal dignity, respect & privacy.” This ethos has been a guiding principle throughout my life, particularly when it comes to engaging with those in the industry. His words have eliminated any trepidation in approaching industry professionals, allowing for genuine interactions and the forging of authentic connections. Whether it’s discussing the intricacies of a film’s production, the emotional depth of a musical composition, or the exhilarating challenges of staging a live performance, my enthusiasm for meeting and learning from those who bring these arts to life is boundless.

About Jason

With over two decades of experience spanning real estate investment, national sporting event photography, non-profit work and wealth planning, Jason K Powers has harnessed a dynamic range of skills that underpin his professional success.

His photography career, sparked over 20 years ago, has flourished into a thriving national sporting events photography venture. He also pioneered the photo documentary project, ‘Denver’s Hidden Homeless,’ challenging societal stereotypes and bringing light to the unseen struggles within our homeless communities.

Through his photography, God opened up doors for Jason to be among the first foreigners since the late 1800’s to visit a particular set of tribal villages in the remote jungles of North East India.  That led him to devoting six transformative years in and out of the jungles, assisting tribal villages in becoming self-sustaining. His entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to establish a real estate investing business in the aftermath of the 2008 crash. This initiative, grounded in helping homeowners navigate distressing circumstances, grew over the years, allowing him to experience everything from major home renovations, to owning and managing rental properties, to the purchase and early phase re-development of a 170-acre recreational area, complete with cabins, camping, fishing, and swimming facilities.

After experiencing the transformative potential of the Infinite Banking Concept firsthand, Jason then committed himself to serving as an Authorized IBC Practitioner. He now dedicates his efforts to helping others nationwide rethink their financial perspectives, creating life-changing experiences through enlightened money management—a pursuit reflecting his commitment to improving others’ lives.

Jason K Powers
720.458.6900 (O)  303.250.1755 (M)

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The Conviction

A Note from Jason.
If you’re still reading, thank you! Wondering how and why I got into this?

Some time ago, I came across an interview with Edward Furlong, who you might remember from movies like Terminator 2. His story struck a chord in my heart. Despite his fame, he faced struggles and challenges that are all too common for those thrust into the spotlight, particularly at a young age.

One line that stayed with me was when he mentioned how he ‘didn’t know how to manage [his] money’ and how, if he was older, he ‘wouldn’t have made so many bad decisions.’ It got me thinking about the diverse financial challenges that individuals in the entertainment world face. Some, like Mr. Furlong, face difficulties due to a lack of guidance. Others, even legendary musicians already well established, find themselves scrambling during the slower times in the musical careers, to have proper safety nets in place. Yet others, while they may continue to soar in their careers with fame and fortune, don’t even know what options they have, and find themselves decades later wishing they’d taken more time to examine their financial trajectory through a long-term lens.

This became lodged in my head for several months, like a conviction, and led me to building a path to help individuals & families in the film, TV, music and entertainment industry to take control of their finances utilizing a little-known concept called the Infinite Banking Concept, to build a lasting and stable financial future.

Certainly not all stories have a tragic start, like Mr. Furlong’s, but I believe many, if not most, could use financial guidance and support through the ebb and flows of fame and fortune. I firmly believe that with the right financial tools and guidance, talents in the entertainment world can ensure that their hard work translates into lasting financial stability throughout any stage in their lives.

In closing, I am passionate about sharing the potential of the Infinite Banking Concept with those who stand to benefit the most from it. The transformative power of IBC is a game-changer for so many.  If this vision resonates with you in any way, it would be an honor to have the opportunity to share more with you, and even collaborate and have your support carrying this vision forward. My goal is to see that others can make informed financial choices that guarantee a legacy defined not just by artistry, but also by financial wisdom. I look forward to possibly sharing more with you and exploring how we might champion this cause together!

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~ Let no man seek the good of his own, but that of his neighbor. 1 Corinthians 10:24 ~

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