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You Have Arrived.

Article by Jason K Powers

There is a thought process out there that, quite possibly, has limited the achievements of mankind more than any other, and it is dubbed, “The Arrival Syndrome.” 

When I first heard about this, I think logically I knew that as just a human being, I had a predisposition to this syndrome.  We all do.  However, what we do about it is a different story. 

I used to have my phone navigation map talk me through directions as I was driving.  It would tell me as each turn approached, where to turn, how far ahead it was, how far to drive on the next road, and then concluding once I’d reach my destination, it would stately say, “You have arrived.”  I would chuckle because it would always make me think of someone having ‘arrived at the top of their career’, or ‘arrived to the height of their knowledge’ or ‘arrived to the pinnacle of whatever belief system they had,’ and this map just knew I had arrived… wherever that was.  Or maybe it was more like, “Vous venez tard, mais vous venez,” (You have arrived late, but you have arrived).

In all seriousness, however, so many of us think we have arrived in our scope of knowledge about a particular topic.  Maybe it’s wholesaling. Maybe it’s fix-n-flips. Maybe it’s about the best way to save for retirement. Maybe it’s where to stockpile our money… and the list goes on.

“…We live on the brink of mysteries and harmonies into which we never enter, and with our hands on the door-latch we die outside.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Nelson Nash once said, “When this ‘thing’ infects us, we stop growing, stop learning. We ROT! We turn off or tune out the ability to receive inspiration – because we ‘already know all there is to know!’”  Remember, this is human nature!  He goes on to say, “The Arrival Syndrome produces a ‘comfort zone’ that causes people to lapse into their old way of doing things – a lifetime of accumulated information that determines how one conducts oneself. The fact that this conclusion may be based on fallacious information is beside the point!”

When I teach people about the Infinite Banking Concept, for many, we have a major hurdle to get over in their brain first. What have they heard about it already? 

“Oh, this deals with Life Insurance – must be a scam!” 

“Well, my qualified retirement account out-performs anything you could ever show me.”

“It’s too expensive!”

“I have to save up for years before I can start.”

Well, the answers are for another day, but let it suffice that if it were a scam, then why do banks, the businesses, the Presidents, and so many more, utilize this concept?  If it were being “outperformed” by investments, shouldn’t what we’re talking about actually be an investment product? It’s not!  It’s only too expensive if you don’t know how to manage your money – but we can work on that with you.  When you start is when you’re ready.  I’ve never had a client say to me that they wish they’d waited to start this. They always say they wish they’d started it sooner!

And then there are all the things that don’t even get asked – and you don’t know what you don’t know! Some of these advantages can help curb inflation that we’re facing today. It can help supplement retirement. It can grow income tax free. It can pass on an amount of wealth to the next generation, so that they would never have to go to a public bank again.

If you’re willing to fight the urge to submit to The Arrival Syndrome, then the Infinite Banking Concept is worth the look.  It can change your life. It can change your real estate trajectory. It can change the generations behind you.

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Published February 21, 2023

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