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Becoming Your Own Banker. Part I, Lesson 1.

Written by R. Nelson Nash / Originally published on infinitebanking.org / Used with permission

Perhaps it was that eminent author, “Anonymous,” that made the observation, “If you take all the money in the world and divide it equally among all … Read More

Privatized Banking: We All Need It

Written by L. Carlos Lara / Originally published on infinitebanking.org / Used with permission

Picture yourself having just recently returned from one of the most exciting vacations you have ever had. But you are home now and you begin reliving … Read More

Deciphering the Buzz Around Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

In this constantly evolving financial landscape, the buzz around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology seems to be growing louder by the day. This brief article aims to shed light on these topics and their potential implications on our financial systems.

Cryptocurrencies, … Read More

Whole Life & Index Universal Life

The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is a financial strategy that involves using Whole Life Insurance policies as a means to build wealth, create a tax-advantaged savings vehicle, and provide a source of financing for various personal and business needs. In … Read More

Infinite Lending – Infinite Banking

If you are a Private or Hard Money Lender this webinar is for you!

Your money works hard being loaned out, and you expect a safe return on your investments, but what is your money doing while it’s not out?

Read More

Change Your Financial Trajectory

In the book, “How Privatized Banking Really Works” (Lara & Murphy), “It is possible to salvage your household’s financial situation, despite the shackles put in place by powerful forces. But you don’t stand a chance if you allow these same … Read More

Change The Way You Think

Nelson Nash, the man who coined the term Infinite Banking Concept, talks about 5 human problems, or psychological pitfalls, that we all must overcome in order to have a disciplined financial plan. Overcoming these pitfalls is paramount to … Read More

Generational Legacy

Over the years, I have met hundreds of real estate investors, and in talking with them, I’ve heard hundreds of reasons as to why they have gotten into the industry.  Great Wealth. Passive Income. Greed. To Support a Family. Replacing … Read More

Procrastination Buries Opportunity

It has been said that, “Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.” *  I’ve spoken with countless people, and an overwhelming majority have what is perhaps a well intended thought that, some day, when I’m ready, I’ll start.  … Read More

Private Family Banking Systems

What would change in your real estate investing business if you didn’t have to pay the 7-12% interest and points to a lender?  
What would change in your financial life, if you never had to borrow from a bank again, … Read More

~ Let no man seek the good of his own, but that of his neighbor. 1 Corinthians 10:24 ~

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