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Recapturing debt with Infinite Banking

The average household in the United States currently carries a debt of $137,000, which is a staggering amount. For context, the median debt in 2000 was only $51,000. 

Here in America, we’re taught to finance our cars and our homes. Then, we’re told to get a few credit cards—because you need good credit—and it’s okay to buy something that you can’t afford—but pay it off as soon as you can… and the cycle goes on.

In the end, we find ourselves standing at the kitchen table, looking over a staggering pile of bills. We scratch our heads, wondering how we got into a position where debt became such a daily burden.

There are plenty of popular strategies to help people get their debt under control. Grandma’s envelope system for household budgeting, for example, might be a great starter strategy for those who can’t seem to control their spending habits.  Debt stacking is a great approach for knocking down debt, though it does require some discipline.

One of the services we offer at Unbridled Wealth is helping you build a debt recapturing plan by applying the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). The Infinite Banking Concept is best achieved through a properly structured dividend-paying whole life insurance policy, which we help you develop. Once you understand the process of using a whole life policy to recapture your debts, you begin to see tremendous cash value growth through the life of the policy, which offers you more freedom to manage your own personal finances. 

The whole life insurance policy we’re talking about is far different than your ‘average’ policy. It is not Universal Life (IUL’s, VUL’s), Annuities, or Term, nor is it an investment product. Instead, it’s a way for you to build cash value inside of a policy while still having access to that cash along the way. Your money will gain uninterrupted compound growth inside the policy. Rather than needing to finance everything with a traditional bank, you have the ability to be your own bank.

How much money would you save in life, if you didn’t pay interest to an outside bank?

So what about recapturing debt inside of a policy? If a bank were willing to gradually consolidate your outside debts, let you decide the terms of the loan repayment, guarantee you growth of the cash value that you have accumulated (even with an outstanding debt balance), and offer to pay a guaranteed sum of money to a beneficiary once you pass away (outstanding loans or not), would you be inclined to use that bank? I should hope so!

This is what IBC can do for you.

Alternatively, you can pay down your debts, pay interest to the banks, and end up with a zero-dollar debt balance.  That’s a great accomplishment too!  But would you, if you could, take advantage of all the other benefits along with it?

Reach out to us and we’ll show you how.

Article written by Jason K. Powers

Published June 1, 2022

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