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Instant Term. The coverage you need…

Jason Powers offers Instant Term Life Insurance

Instant Term. The Coverage You Need…

With Ameritas Instant Term, you can get the life insurance approval you need in minutes instead of weeks. There’s no need for lab work, exams or medical records. You just answer a few health questions on the application to determine if you’re eligible.

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There are times when you need Term Life Insurance, and need it quickly.

Think of situations like:

  • Securing Loans – Using a life insurance policy as collateral to secure a small business loan with the SBA and other banks.
  • Divorce Decrees – A divorce decree that requires one of the parties to obtain life insurance coverage for the benefit of the other party or your children.
  • Real Estate Transactions – Have enough life insurance coverage during large real estate deals to cover expenses should something happen.
  • Business Partnerships – Using life insurance to fund business agreements to ensure that business partners and heirs are financially protected in the event of an unexpected death.
  • Life Changes – Sometimes you find yourself underinsured and need the right coverage.
  • Estate & Tax Planning – Having enough coverage in place to cover estate expenses upon passing, and even last minute estate changes.
  • Locking in Rates – Most of us will never be more healthy than we are now. Lock in those rates!
  • Peace of Mind

Term Insurance is one of the most affordable ways you can help financially safeguard your loved ones.

When you die, life insurance can be used to:

  • Cover burial and other final expenses.
  • Help replace lost wages or income.
  • Help pay off the mortgage or other home expenses.
  • Pay estate taxes or create estate liquidity.
  • Provide funds for a college education.
  • Protect a small business.

No lab work, exams or medical records. Same day decision.1

The Application Process

  1. Fill out the preliminary application form by clicking the link below.
    (This is what we will use to provide your quote)
  2. Watch for an email that includes your quote.
  3. If the quote is good for you, take a few minutes to complete the final application, enter your payment information, and submit it for final approval.
  4. Upon acceptance of payment information and final app, you are insured!

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Additional features include:

  • The flexibility to convert your policy to a permanent policy.
  • The option to provide your loved ones with an additional
    amount if your death is an accident.2
  • The option to waive your premium payments if you become


  • Not available in New York
  • No major medical conditions
  • U.S. Citizen or F/T Resident
  • Policy Owner must be the Insured.


Minimum Issue Age: 18
Maximum Issue Ages:

  • 10-Year Term Period: Age 60
  • 15-Year Term Period: Age 60
  • 20-Year Term Period: Age 60
  • 25-Year Term Period: Age 55
  • 30-Year Term Period: Age 50

• Ages 18 to 55: $100,000 up to $2 million.
• Ages 56 to 60: $100,000 up to $1 million.

1 Same day decisions are done on all business days and hours, Monday – Friday. If your submission is outside of those hours, we will push your application through first thing the next business day.
2 Available for an additional fee

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