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Estate Planning and Trusts

NetLaw – A Referral Partner 

Beyond just obtaining life insurance, or setting up your privatized family banking system, Jason believes it is paramount to protect the legacy you worked hard to build. That’s why we’ve partnered with NetLaw, to offer a comprehensive solution to ensuring proper legal protections for your estate. By combining the experience of a national law firm with the dynamic technology offered by NetLaw, you get comprehensive advice through contemporary means. That’s quality estate planning, intelligently delivered.  Working with NetLaw, you won’t just be handed off by us. Jason can be with you every step of the way as a member of your financial team.  

Two Packages!


The comprehensive estate plan package includes the counsel of an attorney licensed in your state and a staff attorney to prepare the following legal documents: 

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Living Trust with Lifetime Protection Subtrust 
  • General Durable Power of Attorney 
  • Advanced Care Directive (Living Will) 
  • Healthcare Surrogate Designation 
  • HIPAA Authorization 



Clients with more complex situations may require additional planning. The advanced planning package includes the counsel of an additional, tax-focused attorney to guide the process.  

  • Last Will & Testament 
  • Living Trust 
  • General Durable Power of Attorney 
  • Advanced Care Directive (Living Will) 
  • Healthcare Surrogate Designation 
  • HIPAA Authorization 
  • Irrevocable Trust with Lifetime Protection Subtrust 
  • A/B Planning for Living Trust 


Global Estate Planning – For High Net Worth Clients

Dentons Law – A Referral Partner 

Dentons’ Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation Group has the experience and expertise to handle planning of any level of complexity, to carry out our clients’ wishes and bring about the orderly transfer of wealth during life or at death. While Dentons does not limit their clients, High Net Worth individuals are more suited.  Regardless of a client’s net worth, planning revolves around specific desires, circumstances and when appropriate, problems. 

They offer tax and planning advice for local jurisdictions, but can also provide planning that encompasses the needs of clients who have assets or beneficiaries in most any part of the globe. 

Today’s families are complex. Dentons helps clients devise and structure plans that pass wealth from one generation to the next, meet clients’ particular desires, account for the complicated present or potential problems of beneficiaries and the complex nature of the assets involved, and minimize transfer taxes. 

Limited to the areas they are able to work, please reach out to Jason to see if they can work in your State! 

Fill out the brief form below, and Jason will get you introduced to a qualified Estate Planning Attorney in your State!


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