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JM Captial’s Real Estate Atlanta January Meetup with speaker Jason K Powers at Hudson Ridge Grille

Join us on January 23rd, 2024 at 7 PM at Hudson Grille Sandy Springs for a uniqueoccasion that offers real estate insights and financial empowerment. Hosted by JM RealEstate Capital, this event features guest speaker, Jason K. Powers, who is a successfulmulti-business owner, real estate investor, and Authorized IBC Practitioner certified by theNelson Nash Institute.
During the event, Jason will share his incredible story – from a successful national sportingevents photography business to co-founding an international non-profit, and his journeythrough the jungles of India. Jason went on to develop a 170-acre RV camping andrecreation area and co-authored a captivating coffee-table book titled “One Man’s Road: AJourney Into North East India.”
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about wealth planning, real estate investing, andthe Infinite Banking Concept from Jason.
At 7 PM, the event begins with networking, followed by Jason’s informative talk and morenetworking to connect with like-minded individuals in the real estate community. Plus, youcan enjoy complimentary food while expanding your knowledge and network!
Secure your spot now for an exclusive evening of learning, connection, and inspiration. Wecan’t wait to see you at Hudson Grille Sandy Springs on January 23rd!

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Published January 9, 2024


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