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Banking and Real Estate Investing

Banking and Real Estate Investing have several crossovers. Banking is arguably the most important business in the world. Without it, everything comes full stop. Money moves every day from our bank accounts to other bank accounts – from those bank accounts to even larger bank accounts. Depositors bring in the money, banks loan out the money to people who then put that money back in other banks. It facilitates the buying of necessities and things squandered. It keeps industries running. Nations borrow from Nations. Lives are made or destroyed by the banks too.

Make Your Money Move
Ironically, in banking, the money cannot stop – it must be moving. If the money stops, that means people aren’t depositing money, people aren’t borrowing money, and the banks aren’t making money.
In real estate investing, the money cannot stop either. We need cash flow. If the cash flow stops, that means our tenants are not paying rent, or our buyers are not buying properties. If there’s no in-flow of money, there’s no out-flow of money to our pockets (let’s just say it how it is).

Think Long Range
Banks think long range. They’re making loan for 12 months, 60 months, 15 years, 30 years.
In real estate investing, we should be thinking long range too. Most of us in the buy and hold, commercial, or multi-family game are thinking long range. We’re not usually looking at year one and basing our decision. We’re looking long term. And that’s the ticket to passive income.

Don’t Be Afraid To Capitalize
Banks have to start somewhere. One way or another they are going to capitalize the bank to get started. Each time they make a new loan, they need to make sure they have capitalized, via other depositors, before they can loan money out to you.
In real estate investing, we have to capitalize our real estate investing strategies as well. We have to put down payments (where’s it come from?). We have to put in the up-front work before getting the deal (sweat equity, marketing money, education). We have to have skin in the game.

Rethink Your Thinking
Don’t you think banking and real estate are a good pair? What if… just what if… we could be the bank? And you can. It’s called the Infinite Banking Concept.

Make Your Money Move. In your own privatized banking system, you can utilize this growing pile of money over and over and over again in your life to make you money elsewhere – you get to be the bank.

Think Long Range. You can replace the banking function in your life over time and create financial velocity that can literally last for generations. How much interest would you save in life if you never had to borrow from an outside bank again? You get to dictate the loan terms. You get to decide how long you’re going to capitalize the system, how long you’re going to keep loans out, how long you’re going to be the bank. Would your children and grandchildren benefit down the road if they could utilize this from day one?

Don’t Be Afraid To Capitalize. All businesses start somewhere. Capitalize your system now and reap the rewards over time. The more you pump into your own banking system, the more you create uninterrupted compounding growth that can be far superior to any bank on the street you’ll ever meet.

Rethink Your Thinking. Create a privatized banking system where you control the banking function in your life, changing the financial trajectory of you and those you love.

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Published October 19, 2022

Real Estate Investing

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