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Bring a unique educational opportunity and an amazing value-add to your real estate investing members

We would love to see if there’s room to help your investor audience out! Half-Day Workshops are a hugely popular way to bring in your investors, create a little bit of revenue for your Association, and provide a massive value add for them as well!

Paired with real estate investing, this unique, little known financial concept can help investors begin financing their own deals over time and creating a financial velocity that can literally last for generations.

  • Uninterrupted Compounding – Your money is growing uninterrupted, even while it’s out being used on your deals!
  • Unstructured Loans – You control the loan terms
  • Liquid & Flexible – Penalty free access to your money, and no restriction on use!
  • Tax Advantaged – Multiple ways to create tax advantages and even tax free growth!

What would life be like if you never had to pay interest to an outside bank again?

Jason K Powers is a Mutli-Business Owner & Real Estate Investor himself. He started a real estate investing business after the crash of 2008, helping homeowners out of distressed situations.  Starting out with Wholesaling and moving to Fix-N-Flips and then Buy/Holds, eventually led to owning and re-developing a 170+ acre RV camping and recreation area with camping, fishing and swimming.

Using his unique experiences in real estate investing, Jason has mastered the art of integrating the Infinite Banking Concept with Real Estate Investing. He has taught hundreds of real estate investors how to begin funding their own deals, becoming their own bank over time, and creating a financial legacy that can last for generations.

Jason currently works with various REI groups and others around the country speaking and teaching via webinars, in-person workshops, podcasts, articles and more.

Some of the organizations have been…
Investment Community of the Rockies,
Arizona Real Estate Investor Association,
Central Indiana Real Estate Investor Association,
Indiana Farm Equipment & Technology Expo,
Small Business Expo San Diego, Denver and more!

Jason K Powers
Phone: 303.250.1755


~ Let no man seek the good of his own, but that of his neighbor. 1 Corinthians 10:24 ~

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