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The Infinite Banking Concept

Jason Powers is an Infinite Banking Concept Authorized Practitioner

The Infinite Banking Concept

Change the way you think about your finances, and it will change your LIFE.

The Concept

The Infinite Banking Concept is a concept, or a system, that has a theoretically infinite number of ways one can utilize, to live life without the bank. The vehicle through which this is accomplish is properly structured, dividend paying whole life insurance, from a mutual carrier.  The money in this ‘banking system’ will continue to grow, uninterrupted, even while it is being used on other things.

What if YOU could be the bank

The Infinite Banking Concept is the best place to warehouse your wealth that has guarantees and safety, while providing ready access to your money allowing you to take over the banking function in your life.  

Through carefully crafted strategies and a customized approach, Jason works with his clients to help them fulfill their financial dreams, take control of their financial world, and leave a legacy which can last for generations to come. 

Imagine if you never had to pay interest to an outside bank again. 

What if YOU could be the bank

We call this the Infinite Banking Concept, and it’s not just for the wealthy! 

It is an avenue where you can warehouse your wealth allowing it to compound year over year (internally) even while you’re using it (externally) to make even more money, or save you money.

It is a place to warehouse your wealth while at the same time being able to borrow against it to use for real estate investing, private money lending, financing your own car, a down payment on a house, buy a house outright, pay for college, start a business, and even retire on.

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Not just for the wealthy

One has to wonder why the wealthy use this strategy. One has to wonder why big banks carry billions of dollars in cash value whole life insurance. One has to wonder if simply changing the way we think about money can change our financial trajectory, while still allowing us to do the things we love.

This little known strategy used by the wealthy is putting money through a properly structured whole life insurance policy and utilizing the cash value access to create financial velocity.

We must change the way we think about money!
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The Vehicle

Whole Life Insurance

The vehicle intended is strictly properly structured Whole Life Insurance. It is not Term, VUL, IUL or any other derivative of life insurance. Term insurance has no cash value, thus you cannot use it like permanent (whole life) insurance. Variable Universal Life and Index Universal Life have their attractions, but have various components (such as being tied to the markets), that make it unsuitable for purposes of ‘infinite banking,’ thus should never be used for such. Fish follow shiny objects, and get caught. Many of these ‘alternatives’ are shiny objects and may even be great for a while, but eventually, you’ll be caught.

**Now don’t just run out to your favorite insurance agent and tell them you want a permanent insurance policy that you can ‘bank’ with!! You need to use someone who is highly trained in the area of structuring these policies for the most appropriate growth, paired with your needs & objectives! Jason is an Authorized IBC Practitioner, having gone through the proper inductive training as well as being an avid user of IBC in his own life. Contact Jason today to see what can be done for you!

Dividend Paying from a Mutual Carrier

The best carriers with whom to be insured by are Mutual Carriers, as opposed to Stock owned insurance companies. With Mutual Carriers, its interests are for the stock-holders, not the policy owners. It will pay dividends to the policy owner (you) and those dividends will purchase more insurance (death benefit), thus building your cash value growth even more.

Properly Structured

These policies are structured with most appropriate cash value in mind for you and your situation & goals.

The Features

Uninterrupted Compounding

One of the best functions of IBC (the Infinite Banking Concept) is its uninterrupted compound growth of cash value that is happening year over year inside of the policy. You see, when one borrows against the cash value of a whole life insurance policy, you are borrowing “against” the policy and not “from” the policy.  You are, in fact, borrowing directly from the insurance carrier, thus your money is able to effectively sit in a pile, uninterrupted, and grow as if it never left the pile. Each policy has a guaranteed growth rate of cash value (not including dividends), year over year. As you build up this policy, this banking system, it will compound larger and larger each and every year.   

Imagine over a lifetime of one person, how much one can build up cash value. Now, take that one policy, and build up an entire system of policies (you, your spouse, your children, et al).  Now, take it one step further and keep this going throughout multiple generations.  Finally, taking it further, while all of the policies are growing throughout life, the beneficiary could be something like a Family Trust, thus further expanding the Trusts ability to act as the family bank.  The possibilities are endless!

Unstructured Loans

Once one has a banking system, you are allowed to borrow against the cash value of the policy.  Remember, when one borrows against the cash value of a whole life insurance policy, you are borrowing “against” the policy and not “from” the policy.  Since you are borrowing against the policy, that means you are literally borrowing the insurance carriers’ money.  They care little how long you take to pay back a policy (cash value) loan, because in the end, they are collateralizing the death benefit amount of your policy – one way or another, they’ll get paid back. Death is certain for 100% of its clients who have Whole Life policies for their whole life.  

Since they are loaning out their money, they will charge an interest rate.  Most carriers will send a bill one time per year for the amount that has accrued from the loan. This interest rate bill is unstructured – meaning – you decide when and how long you will take to pay it back. If you do not pay it back that year, the balance will compound (working against you) the next year, and that years interest will be on the new total amount due them.  I always advise, where possible, at least pay the interest bill.  

Working for us, what this means is that we have access to our cash value, as a loan, but we decide (1) how long we will take to pay it back, (2) how much we will pay and (3) how often we will pay.   

Now, that is owning and controlling your own policy.   

** You need to use someone who is highly trained in the area of structuring these policies for the most appropriate growth, paired with your needs & objectives!  Jason is an Authorized IBC Practitioner, having gone through the proper, inductive training as well as is an avid user of IBC in his own life.  Contact Jason today to see what can be done for you!

Positive Arbitrage

Combining the two ideas (Uninterrupted Compounding & Unstructured Loans), let’s see how growth can happen on all fronts.  [Don’t even think about reading the next part if you have not read the previous sections]

Income Tax Free Access

There will come a point in every policy where the total cash value begins to be more than the cumulative outlay. Then, every year thereafter the cash value gets larger and larger, and begins to outpace the cumulative outlay by more and more. It is quite possible that a given policy with enough outlay will have a $1 Million or more spread between cash value and outlay. This spread is not taxable when accessed properly. That’s potentially millions of dollars in income tax free money that you will be able to (legally) utilize throughout your life and even in retirement. Imaging what that can do for your children, or your children’s children! As always, working with a specially trained Authorized IBC Practitioner like Jason, is the best way to go, so you don’t get yourself in trouble!

Be The Bank Example:

As you build up cash value inside your policy, you can being replacing the (outside) banking function in your life.  Over time, you’ll be replacing the bank by using your own policies as car loans, business startups, college, vacations and even retirement!  Learn how to “be the bank” and you learn how to take control of your financial life. Instead of having to go to a traditional bank to get loans for cars, mortgages, college, business startups, once in a lifetime opportunities – you can go to your policy, or your Privatized Family Banking System. Imaging how much money one can save in life, not using an outside bank again!

Business Growth Example:

If a policy has a guaranteed growth rate of 4% year over year on the whole amount, and a loan costs you 5% on the loan amount, there is a plausibility that the true net cost was only 1%. Now, the money you borrowed went and made you 15% (be it a business venture, rental property, etc), you still net 14% in a particular year. However, if you loaned your business the money and charged your business the interest of the cost (5%), you just deducted 5% cost from that, and increased your net gain even more. In addition, suppose that particular year, the policy cash value also grew an additional 5% in dividends, so now you’ve jumped up to 19% net gain.

This can get complex, but you can see how much advantage there is to doing something like this, instead of using the traditional bank. Not to mention, you have also decided the loan terms.

Debt Recapturing Example:

Debt recapturing can be an amazing way to free up outside debt on credit cards, move it over to your policy for awhile, and work on paying it down inside your policy. This can often be paid down at a lower interest rate, at an unstructured pace, and help you get ahead! While you’re paying down your debt inside a policy, over time, you are also building up cash value at the same time! Let me say that again – while paying down debt, you are consecutively building up cash value to use on other things. I once showed a client with $110,000 in bad debt, and who was going to take the next 30 years to pay it off, how to move it through a policy instead. Instead of them working hard for 30 years to pay off that debt and ending up debt free (which would be a good thing, too!), we instead got them debt free in 8 years, AND they had $98,000 in cash value built up inside their policy to use!

Bank now, retire later, leave a legacy

A policy will be used throughout your life for a wide variety of purposes ranging from car loans, to a family vacation, to business ventures, to down payments, college funding and so much more.  While you’re using it throughout your life, it will continue to grow and compound.  It will continue to build up cash value that far outpaces what you’ve paid in.  Then, once the time comes, this same policy can then be used to supplement your retirement income.

I have seen reasonably smaller policies being utilized to their fullest throughout ones life, and doing great things for them, then able to supplement their entire 20 years of retirement, income tax free. And once they are done living life to the fullest, the money due to the insurance carrier at the time of this persons graduation, is simply reduced from the death benefit, and the difference is paid to the beneficiary.

Did you miss it?

One single policy, benefited someone throughout their entire life, then on through retirement and it still paid out, leaving an even greater legacy. Now THAT is how you build a Generational Legacy. Set up a time with Jason TODAY to get started!

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