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~The time tested strategy known as the Infinite Banking Concept~

Take your real estate investing to another level by implementing this unique financial strategy! We’re not here to change your real estate strategy – we’re here to show you how by changing the flow of your money, you can create financial velocity, beyond real estate, that can last for generations!

How much money would you save in life if you never had to pay interest to a lender again?

Learn how to build up a financial strategy that will not only help you with your real estate investment strategies, but also allow you to replace the bank, and be your own private family lender that can replace your car payment, your mortgage and even take you into retirement. We’ll also show you how this vehicle can go beyond all that and create a legacy that can last for multiple generations.

Join Wealth Strategist Mike Fernicola and Authorized IBC Practitioner & Wealth Strategist Jason K Powers, on Tuesday, October 17, 6pm ET as they show you how!

Mike Fernicola

Jason K Powers


Your information is safe. Jason will never share it with anyone.

Get your copy of Becoming Your Own Banker! An absolute must-read to understand the basics of Infinite Banking at its fundamental level. CLICK HERE.

Watch the webinar below!

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~ Let no man seek the good of his own, but that of his neighbor. 1 Corinthians 10:24 ~

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